Docker Monitoring Tool On Rack

I do some experiments with a dockerized environments for the last year or so. Sometimes I need to get some simple statistics from the server where I some docker containers are running.



Create a secure $5 socks proxy server in 5 minutes

Here's my repository with a Dockerfile for a fast dante server installation and deployment:

No special knowledge needed. All you have to do is to pick a cheapest VPS (wich stands for Virtual Private Server hosting you like. If you don't know what to choose try a DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting wich will cost you only $5.



Deploying code from the Docker container using the ssh-agent

For some years ago I have completely moved my development environment to Docker containers.

The workflow based on Docker became a nice speed improvement for development workflow in general.

The only one problem remained. How should I launch the deploy script (bundle exec cap production deploy in my case) from the container? And how it will work with Docker? I don't like to enter my password every time I want to deploy.



SSH client configuration tricks

Here I'll describe some specific configuration options, I use to optimize my SSH client workflow.

The instructions are split into 4 topics and sorted in ascending order of complexity:

  1. How to keep your credentials all in one place (junior);

  2. Chdir to specific path after connection (middle);

  3. Keep your remote sessions alive. Even if the connection was lost (middle/senior);

  4. Speed up your ssh connection, reduce a number of sessions (middle);



Docker TTY line wrapping issue

The issue drove me crazy all the time the last month or so.

Docker tty became to wrap the line to 80 symbols when using it in interactive mode.

The only one solution I've found so far is to add line export COLUMNS=120 to the end of ~/.bashrc file in container. So the number of symbols to wrap to became 120. But it was not still so comfortable for me to work with it cause the line got still wrapped.

This guy just saved my day with his post on github:

He wrote: all you need to do is to resize the terminal window after attaching to the container. And that's all! The problem is fixed.



A beginners introduction to RSpec (webinar)

I'm excited to announce my upcoming webinar that will be streamed live on Monday, 19th. It's a beginners introduction to RSpec for Ruby On Rails testing. Here's a full announce of it on the Geekbrains platform:



IP Address Ranges by Country

Here's a complete IPv4 address ranges organized by country name. All the data is split in two collections: countries and ip_ranges and is available through the simple API described below.



Moving to asdf version manager from rbenv

If you are working with several different programming languages The asdf manager is a silver bullet you've been looking for. It allows you to rule versions of all languages used in your system with using a single tool.

Currently Ruby, Node, Elixir, Erlang, PHP and many other languages are supported!