The very beginning

I’ve recently moved my blog to a new platform Jekyll which is a blog-aware static site generator in Ruby to make the deployment and maintenance of it simplier.

So this one is actually my first post here. The previous two were migrated from the previous platform. The others couldn’t be moved, so they were lost. But nevermind.

What did I managed to get so far…

  1. I have set up a docker-compose project with Traefik as a frontend proxy, which I absolutely love because it manages all my stuff with almost zero configuration.

  2. I’ve described an interesting way to manage compose file environments in this article.

  3. I’ve set up Prometheus in combination with Grafana to track the traffic being proxied by Traefik. Will describe the whole process later, it is really easy to implement.

  4. Will now play with Jekyll and Traefik configuration for a bit. Will also write some posts about it.


Here’s list of some cool and useful Jekyll plugins I’ve discovered so far: